About Lykoporia

Lykoporia road view

The Domus Mare apartments are situated in Lykoporia, a beautiful, quite village along the picturesque coastline of the Corinthian Gulf. Lykoporia, via car, is 90 minutes away from Athens, 30 minutes from Corinth, and 60 minutes away from Patras. Alternatively, the Domus Mare apartments are a 5-minute-walk from the “Lykoporia” Suburban Railway Station, where trains connect to Athens, Corinth, Patras, and other cities. Transportation services from and to the Railway Station can be offered, upon request.

Lykoporia extends for 5 km (3 miles) along the Corinthian Gulf with wonderful beaches. The name of the village means the passage (=poria) of the wolf (=lykos). The main occupation of its inhabitants is in agriculture; many call Lykoporia “home of saplings,” for the art of grafting tree cuttings originated in Lykoporia.

From Lykoporia, you can take advantage of many nearby sights and experiences.

The wider area of Corinthia combines land and sea, making the area a popular destination throughout the year. The short distance from major transportation and population centers, like Athens and Patras, renders the mountainous and coastal Corinthia ideal for quick getaways. A vigorous outing in mountainous Corinth will undoubtedly reward you.

The majority of Corinthians work in the agricultural industry, including livestock farming, mainly on the highlands. This rural character adds to the picturesque natural settings of mountains and seascape.

Our village has a pharmacy, a mini-market, bakeries featuring sweet and savory Greek treats, restaurants that serve regional cuisine and more, beach bars full of laughter and music, and a soccer field for pick-up games and play. Also, Lykoporia is interlaced with beautiful rural and seaside roads which can be used safely for walks and exercise.