The town of Xylokastro lies on the shoreline of the Corinthian Gulf. A definite stop that one must make is at the forest of Pefkias, between Xylokastro and Sykia. The area is a natural pine forest 1760 m (5774 ft.) long and over 140 years old, and you can contemplate the natural beauty in quiet.

For a different natural beauty, along the seaside road there is also a bike path, so that both pedestrians and cyclists can enjoy their strolls.

In Xylokastro, as well as in the whole area of ​​the municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini, you will find rich traditional cuisine that appeals to all tastes: fresh seafood, meat, ouzo appetizers, and more in beautiful bars and cafés that have a view over the sea.

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